Harold & Marilyn have ministered in the kingdom of God for over twenty years. Together they flow in the anointing of the Holy Spirit with His presence and power manifested in every service. Harold and Marilyn are an anointed ministry team who have embraced their assignment to convert the sinner, bring believers into the infilling of the Holy Spirit, heal the sick, deliver the bound and oppressed, and introduce a phenomenal life changing experience as the Holy Spirit manifests Himself. Harold was raised in a Pastor’s home where the healing power of Almighty God was a common occurrence. His father was known in his early years as the whispering evangelist because he ministered the gospel with no vocal cords or voice box. As a young child, Harold also remembers experiencing his father’s glorious divine healing as his family was told by doctors that his father only had a few days to live only to continue to minister the Gospel many more years. These are only a few of the miracles Harold experienced as a child. There were many others which involved the birth of one of his brothers and when he himself drank a deadly poison at age 4. These miracles engraved a burning desire to allow the healing power of the Lord to be manifested in and through his own life and ministry. Harold has a   passion to minister the Word of God, which is very evident through his preaching. In 1982 after Harold laid down his own desires and dreams to pursue the desires and dreams God had planned for him, Harold and Marilyn along with their two sons, Joseph and Jason, sold their home in Oklahoma to attend Christ For The Nations Bible Institute in Dallas, Texas. Harold and Marilyn both graduated from Christ For The Nations in 1984 and immediately God lead them to West Texas where together they pastored their first church. Marilyn was not raised in a ministers home but knew at an early age that God’s hand was leading and guiding her into a relationship with the Lord that was far above anything she had ever dreamed or hoped for. After marrying her highschool sweetheart, Harold in 1974, her hunger for God began to intensify. Wanting only to follow God’s plan for her life, she was willing to leave the security and comfort of her home and family to further pursue God’s plan for her life. Marilyn is an ordained minister who ministers at retreats, conventions, and churches. She ministers the Word of God with a life changing message that challenges believers to walk in the fullness of God’s plan for their lives. The Holy Spirit flows mightily in and through Marilyn as she flows with the Word of Knowledge concerning healing and deliverance. In 1994 the Holy Spirit led Harold and Marilyn to pioneer Living Word World Outreach Church in Conroe, Texas. Harold and Marilyn are passionately led by the guidance and leadership of the Holy Spirit. They continue to prosper and grow a body of believers into a fervent, zealous relationship with Jesus Christ. Their desire is for everyone who enters the doors of Living Word to experience the manifest presence and power of the Holy Spirit. This experience causes the Word of God to take root and produce faith. Faith that is uncommon, unshakable, and extraordinary. Faith that enables them to manifest His very presence every day. Faith that stirs up the hearts of others. Faith that causes others to hunger and thirst for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. God has undeniably placed His hand on Harold and Marilyn. He has set them apart as an unique ministry team. A husband and wife team that flows together as one and allows the very presence of the Holy Spirit to be revealed and released in and through their lives and ministry. A revelation and release of the Holy Spirit that draws others into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.